We get excited about things like solar panels.

At elacora, we have a commitment to be responsible to our planet. Part of responsible building is a commitment to energy-efficiency and renewable energy.  

As a standard feature, all of our homes come solar-ready. We encourage you to explore the options available to add solar panels to your new elacora home. Check with your sales team on the many options available to you, including the choice to lease or own solar panels. Because everyone has the right to have a solar powered home.

Enjoy the sun and all of its benefits.

We believe in using renewable energy.

Many homeowners find that adding solar panels to their home not only reduces energy costs, but also increases their home value.

From lease programs to loans, homeowners interested in implementing a residential solar power system can find solutions to their energy financing.

Special energy incentives may also be available to help offset costs of your solar energy system. Let us know how we can help you understand your options.

Reach for the sky.